Non NHS Services

Non-NHS Services, Certificates, Letters and Reports

Sickness certificates for more than five working days' absence from work are free for our patients who are employed or looking for work. They are paid for by our contract with the NHS.

Most other certificates and forms are not paid for by the NHS. We provide these as a private service in addition to our normal work. Our fees reflect the cost of employing staff, nurses, our medical insurance and running the health centre. It costs us about £1 million a year to do this plus the doctor's time taken. Our fees are similar to other professions with equivalent skills and responsibilities.

We try to keep fees as low as possible. You can help us keep charges down by:

  1. Reading forms first and filling in any information which you need to complete before asking us to complete the medical section.
  2. Putting your request in writing - if we know exactly what you need there is less chance of missing out something important.
  3. Giving at least two working days' notice. Our first priority is giving the best care to people who are ill and we fit other work around this whenever we can.

Fees for private medical certificates/consultations are listed but if you aren't sure what the cost may be, please ask. The cost and time taken for a report depends on how complicated it is. We quote a range of fees to allow for this. If we need to charge more than this, we will check with you first.

a person cutting a piece of paper

Medical Examinations

We can do examinations for HGV, PSV licences, insurance reports, social work reports and sports medicals. Please tell the receptionist when you are making the appointment, so that you get extra time for a full examination.

Please note that there is a charge – please ask the receptionist for this information when making the appointment.

Work-related Immunisations/Occupational Health

We do not have an occupational health service (including hepatitis B vaccination required for work).  This should be provided by your employer.

Alternatively, Working Health Services (Scotland), based at the Astley Ainslie Hospital in Edinburgh, (telephone 0800 019 2211), offer Occupational Health services for individuals working for small- to medium-sized businesses, and accept self-referral.

Practice Fees

Our contract with the NHS covers the provision of sickness certificates for people who are employed/unemployed. Most other certificates and forms are not covered by the NHS. We provide these as a private service and charge at a cost which reflects the time taken and our costs in employing staff and nurses and our expenses running the Health Centre.

Please check the fee payable and if you aren’t sure what the fee may be, please ask a member of staff. We have given a range of fees as the time and complexity of individual situations vary. If we need to charge more than the figures listed here, we will let you know in advance.


Private Sickness Certificate


Other Certificate of Fact




Holiday Cancellation Certificate


(Please fill in your section of the certificate first as we need to know when the holiday was booked.)

Fitness to Travel Certificate


Other Reports:

Provident Association Claim Form (eg BUPA/PPP, etc)


Sickness/Accident Insurance Benefit Claim form


Power of Attorney


Access to Records under Data Protection Act:

Computerised Records

No Fee

Manual Records or Combination of Manual/Computerised Records

No Fee

Medical Examinations:

Fee for medical consultation/ medical report preparation - non NHS service per hour

£20 per 5 mins

Pre-employment medicals

HGV/LGV/PSV/Taxi Driver/Racing Driver
All will usual take a minimum of 20 mins and often 30 mins leading to a fee of:


Reports to Insurance Companies

 £20.00 per 5 mins

Private consultations




Shotgun Certificate


Medicals for Belgian Consulate


(Please fill in your name and date of birth on each page of HGV/PSV medical forms before you see the doctor).